Evan-Marie Petit hails from the red earth of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia, the original homeland of her ancestors, the Aniyvwiya (Cherokee, Lower Town). She is a visual storyteller and eco-cultural activist at heart; a documentary photographer, filmmaker, and ecologist who documents stories of the often-overlooked corners of humanity, culture, and our environment. Her work is driven by the belief that amplifying these stories and the wisdom they contain is healing and vital to creating new paradigms for the culture at large. 

“I approach the mediums of photography and film as forms of collective storytelling—a dialog formed through long-term relationships with communities and individuals. Within this process, we creatively explore the power of visuals to instill connection and inspire action in ways that foster kinship, justice, and a restoration of humanity’s relationship with the earth. To be an ethical storyteller in this modern era, I believe it is essential to honor the old stories and deep, land-based ecological knowledge; decolonizing the lens as we move forward visioning revolutionary futures.”

Evan-Marie is a member and contributing photographer of Women Photograph, Diversify Photo, and a National Wildfire Coordinating Group Firefighter Type 2 with a field of study in Cultural Fire.

Nonprofit/NGO clients & other collaborators include:

NDN Collective, Tribal Eco-Restoration Alliance, Save The Redwoods League, Snag Magazine, Hope 4 Natives, Anthropic, Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute